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Installing the Fabrikam Office Web Services Integration Sample Solution

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Chris Kunicki

July 2002

Applies to:
Microsoft® Office XP

Summary: This article provides you with the necessary steps to install the Fabrikam Office Web Services Integration sample solution for Microsoft Office XP.


This article provides you with the necessary steps to install the Fabrikam Office Web Services Integration sample solution for Microsoft Office XP. The Fabrikam Office Web Services Integration (Fabrikam OWSI) sample solution, based on Microsoft Office XP, provides a sample application and code for a fictional company Fabrikam Interiors, a high-end office design firm that serves customers in every aspect of office layout, design, and furnishing. This solution is an extension to the existing sample solutions found at

Note that the Fabrikam OWSI sample solution is for evaluation use and, therefore, is intended to be installed and run on a single development computer only.

System Requirements

The following system requirements are needed to run the Fabrikam OWSI sample solution:

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000 Professional or Server or Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0
  • Microsoft SQL ServerTM 2000 or the SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)
  • Microsoft Office XP SR1
  • Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0
  • Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 SP1
  • Microsoft .NET Software Development Kit (SDK) or Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0

Assisted Install of the Fabrikam OWSI Sample Solution

This document outlines the necessary requirements and steps needed to install the Fabrikam OWSI Sample solution. Please review the document in its entirety before continuing with the installation of the Fabrikam OWSI Sample Solution.

To simplify and expedite the process of installing the solution, a setup utility has been provided that will configure the solution based on the settings outlined in this document. This utility can be found in <<install path>>\Fabrikam OWSI Setup Utility.exe.

Note   This utility is designed as an aid to simplify the installation process based on the defaults as outlined in this document. Your system configuration may differ and require you to manually install the sample solution.

Manually Installing the Fabrikam OWSI Sample Solution

To install the Fabrikam Office Web Services Integration sample solution, follow these steps:

  1. Install Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, or Datacenter Server, along with Service Pack 2 or later, or install Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Internet Information Services (IIS).
  2. Install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard or Enterprise Edition, if you installed a member of the Windows 2000 Server family. If you installed Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional, install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition (included with Microsoft Office XP Developer). After inserting the SQL Server 2000 CD, on the opening screen, click SQL Server 2000 Components, and click Install Database Server, which displays the SQL Server Installation Wizard. As you go through the wizard, leave the defaults that the wizard suggests, and make sure to select the Typical installation type when prompted. Also, when prompted, choose Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication) security authentication.
  3. Using the SQL Server Enterprise Manager attach the FabrikamOWSISampleData.MDF database found in <<install path>>\Source\Database.
  4. Check to make sure that the default Web site in IIS is running. To do so, in Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, and then open Internet Services Manager (for Windows 2000) or Internet Information Services (for Windows XP Professional), which displays the Internet Information Services console. In the left-hand pane, expand the node containing the name of your Web server (expand the Web Sites node if you're using Windows XP Professional), right-click the Default Web Site node, and click Start if it is enabled (if Start is disabled, IIS is running).
  5. Install Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Visual Studio .NET includes ASP.NET, which is required to host the Fabrikam OWSI XML Web services.
  6. Using the Internet Services Manager, create a new virtual directory named FabrikamOWSISamples. The directory path for this virtual directory should be set to <<install path>>\Source\Web Services. Additionally, the directory should be configured as an IIS Application. This setting is configured inside the properties dialog for the virtual directory by clicking the Create button.
  7. By default, the Fabrikam OWSI Web Services are configured to use integrated security when accessing the SQL Server database. To use a different database connection string that will work under a different configuration edit the Web.config file found in <<install path>>\Source\Web Services. Edit the value attribute of the following XML element: <add key="conSQLdb.ConnectionString" value="Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=FabrikamOWSISampleData;Data Source=(local)"/>. For example, if your configuration requires using SQL Server authentication, modify the following XML element with the appropriate user name and password: <add key="conSQLdb.ConnectionString" value="Initial Catalog=FabrikamOWSISampleData;Data Source=(local);User Id=sa;Password=password"/>.
  8. Install the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.0. This is required to communicate with XML Web services, regardless of the XML Web services' locations.
  9. If you use a firewall to gain access to the Internet, check with your organization's network administrator to see if there is any special firewall client software that needs to be installed or any special connectivity settings need to be made.
  10. Two templates must be copied to the user’s template directory. Typically, this directory can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\<<user name>>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates. This directory is listed in the Options dialog box in Microsoft Word. The following templates should be copied to this directory:
    <<install path>>\Office Templates\Fabrikam Account Executive Performance
    <<install path>>\Office Templates\Fabrikam Account Explorer.xlt
  11. One Microsoft Word add-in must be copied to the user’s Word Startup directory. Typically, this directory can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\<<user name>>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP. This directory is listed in the Options dialog box in Microsoft Word. The following add-in should be copied to this directory: <<install path>>\\Office Addins\Fabrikam Web Service
  12. One Microsoft Excel add-in must be registered with Microsoft Excel. To register the add-in, start Microsoft Excel. On the Tools menu, click Add-ins. Click the Browse button to navigate to the following file: <<install path>>\\Office Addins\Fabrikam Web Service Connector.xla. This registers the add-in with Microsoft Excel.
  13. (Optional) If you want to access any of the Fabrikam OWSI Client Library Visual Basic source code, install Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Professional or Enterprise Edition, with Service Pack 5 or later.

Directory Structure

Assuming a default installation path of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office XP Web Services Toolkit 2.0\Fabrikam OWSI Sample\Source, the following directories are installed on your development computer:

\Client ObjectsFabrikam OWSI Client Library Visual Basic 6.0 Source Code
\DatabaseFabrikam Sample Data Database (SQL Server 2000 MDF file)
\Office AddinsMicrosoft Word and Microsoft Excel Add-in files
\Office TemplatesMicrosoft Word and Microsoft Excel Templates files
\Web Services.NET XML Web services