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Microsoft Office XP Developer Digital Dashboard Engine Support

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Microsoft Corporation

May 2001

Summary: This article discusses how to troubleshoot Digital Dashboard Project errors. (1 printed page)

Microsoft® Office XP Developer can be used to create Digital Dashboard projects based on the following digital dashboards:

  • Exchange Digital Dashboard
  • Microsoft® SharePoint Portal Server 2001
  • SQL Server Digital Dashboard (unsupported)

Troubleshooting Digital Dashboard Project Errors

When you are trying to create a digital dashboard by using Office XP Developer, you may receive an error message indicating that you are targeting a digital dashboard type that is not supported. This error occurs if you are either targeting an unsupported digital dashboard type, or if you have selected an invalid server location.

To resolve this issue, first consult the Office XP Developer readme file to verify that your server has been configured correctly for digital dashboard support and that you are targeting one of the valid digital dashboard types listed above. Note that if you are using the technology preview of the SQL Server Digital Dashboard with Office XP Developer, you need to install the digital dashboard components before attempting to create the digital dashboard.

If your server is configured properly and you receive this error, consult the online documentation to verify that you are trying to create the digital dashboard in a valid location on the server (for example, http://servername/public).

For additional information about creating digital dashboards by using Office XP Developer, see the following topics:

  • "Walkthrough: Creating a Digital Dashboard using Web Parts" available in the Office XP Developer online documentation.
  • "Walkthrough: Creating a Digital Dashboard using SharePoint Portal Server" available in the Office XP Developer online documentation.
  • "Walkthrough: Creating a Digital Dashboard on SQL Server" available with the DDRK 3.0.