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IWSSForm Interface

Exchange Server 2003

IWSSForm Interface

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release. The IWSSForm interface enables programmatic access to the display components of an Exchange Web form, access to the underlying data row, and access to advanced messaging operations through the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Exchange store Form object.





Type Library

Exchange Web Storage System Forms 1.0 Type Library

DLL Implemented In


Member Summary

The following table lists the properties of the IWSSForm interface.

Name Description
CodePage The CodePage property is used to identify the codepage for an Exchange Web form.
DataUrl The DataUrl property returns the URL of a data item. If the item exists in the Exchange store, the DataUrl property returns the URL to the item. The DataUrl property returns an empty string for new items until they are saved to the Exchange store. This property is read-only.
Elements The Elements collection returns the collection of all the HTML elements in the page that are named using the name or id attributes. This collection is read-only.
Errors The Errors collection returns the collection of all the HTML errors that occur when setting values in the Fields Collection. For example, the conversion of date and time data can cause errors. This collection is read
Fields The Fields collection returns the Fields collection of the Microsoft® ActiveX® Data Objects database (ADODB) object. This collection is read-only.
HasErrors The HasErrors property returns true if ErrorString has been called on any of the data items. This property is read-only.
IsNew The IsNew property returns true if this is a post that creates a new Exchange store data item. This property is read-only.
LCID The LCID property is used to specify which local identifier (ID) to use when rendering an Exchange Web form.

The following table lists the methods of the IWSSForm interface.

Name Description
Render The Render method is called at the end of the script block in the combined ASP/EXWFORM pages. This method causes EXWFORM to return the data bound version of the form and the form's views, including any script. EXWFORM ignores any contents of the page that are denoted with ASP tags
Update The Update method calls on the Fields Collection. Changes are updated on the CDO Exchange store Form object.