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Exchange Server 2003


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Workflow applications model business processes. They automate the flow of information between the process steps, and help perform the steps. Applications that manage workflow processes are used to plan, design, implement, and measure the effectiveness of workflow automation.

CDO for Workflow (CDOWF) is built-in functionality provided with Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. Using CDOWF, which is driven by the Exchange store event architecture, you can design workflow applications without having to write the fundamental code that accesses, modifies, and controls data. CDOWF includes a workflow engine, modeling tools, and an event sink.

The topics in this section describe how to develop workflow applications with Exchange Server 2003, and how to develop event sinks that respond to state transitions of your workflow processes.

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Developing Workflow Applications

Workflow Concepts

Setting the Security Mode

Testing and Debugging Event Sinks and Workflow Applications

Deploying Event Sinks and Workflow Applications