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FreeProxy Function

Exchange Server 2003

FreeProxy Function

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The FreeProxy function releases the string buffer allocated by a previous call to RcGenerateProxy Function.

Applies To


        [C++]void FreeProxy
    LPWSTR pszProxy


Input parameter. A pointer to the buffer allocated by RcGenerateProxy Function.

Return Value

No return value.


The FreeProxy function is expected to return the string buffer memory that was allocated in the call to RcGenerateProxy Function.

The FreeProxy function should not display any user interface, because proxy generation should be performed silently.

The FreeProxy function is defined in the proxygen.h header file.

Test programs and other applications that use the proxy generation dynamic-link library (DLL) can use the proxyinf.h, retcode.h, and proxygen.h header files that define proxy generation DLL interfaces, structures, and return codes.