Management Tasks Using ADSI
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Management Tasks Using ADSI

Exchange Server 2003

Management Tasks Using ADSI

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This section contains example code for managing recipients, mailboxes, and folders using Active Directory® Service Interfaces (ADSI). Click the links below to read the topics:

Creating a User URL

Building Active Directory Paths

Enumerating Exchange 2000 Servers with ADSI

Manipulating Extension Attributes with ADSI

Adding/Removing a Manager Object with ADSI

Enumerating Exchange Object Properties with ADSI/ADO

Retrieving a Legacy Exchange Distinguished Name with ADSI

Finding the Exchange Organization Name Using ADSI (Visual Basic)

Finding the Exchange Organization Name Using ADSI (C++)

Finding Exchange Address Lists with ADSI

Creating a Distribution List Using CDOEXM and ADSI

Setting Message Restriction on an SMTP Virtual Server Using ADSI

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