Exchange Store XML Security Descriptor Format
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Exchange Store XML Security Descriptor Format

Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Store XML Security Descriptor Format

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Each item in the Exchange store has an associated security descriptor that you can access in XML format using the Exchange OLE DB (ExOLEDB) provider or WebDAV. Any client that can parse and assemble well-formed XML strings that follow the security grammar discussed in this and the following topics can examine and modify the item's descriptor, privileges permitting. For example, all clients that have Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 have access to the Microsoft XML (MSXML) Component Object Model (COM) component that contains an XML Document Object Model (DOM) parser, the XMLHTTP COM class, and various other XML-related tools.

The following example provides an outline of the security descriptor grammar in XML. All elements and attributes reside in the Namespace.

<security_descriptor xmlns="">

The structure of the descriptor closely follows the standard structure for Microsoft Windows® server operating systems security descriptors.

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