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Exchange Server 2003


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You can include the Exchange OLE DB (ExOLEDB) provider type library (EXOLEDB.DLL) in any Microsoft® Visual Basic® project.

In implementing your Visual Basic event sinks in a Component Object Model (COM) class, you name event methods by prefixing the event names with the interface name. Use the following event method names:


When implementing event methods as scripts, you prefix all event methods with "ExStoreEvents_". For example, the OnSyncSave event in a script would be ExStoreEvents_OnSyncSave.

For examples of how to implement event sink methods in a script or event sink interfaces in a COM class, see the following topics:

Implementing Synchronous Event Sinks

Implementing Asynchronous Event Sinks

Implementing System Event Sinks

For examples of how to create and manage event registrations, see the following topics:

Managing Event Registrations

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For procedures on building managed event sinks, see the following topic:

Building Managed Event Sink DLLs

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