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System Event Methods

Exchange Server 2003

System Event Methods

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Microsoft® Exchange provides system event notifications by calling the IExStoreSystemEvents Interface methods in the following table.

Name Description
OnTimer Method Called after a certain period of time.
OnMDBStartUp Method Called when a store is started.
OnMDBShutDown Method Called when a store is shut down.

Note  Data in a store is housed in files with the .mdb extension. Although these events contain "MDB" in their names, they refer to a store.

Exchange runs each system event notification in a separate process. Exchange does not wait for the notification process to finish. System events do not lock items in the store.

You can use timer events for repeated calls. For example, you can use them to schedule routine tasks. You can also use them for an event that only occurs once.

System events are not tied to a particular item or location in the store (scope). However, where you save the OnTimer event registration can provide a context in the event notification. For example, to perform periodic checking on items in a specific folder, place the OnTimer event registration in that folder. This way, when the event method is called, you know where to perform the checking tasks.

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