Customer Experience Improvement Program Dialog Box 

Use this dialog box to start or stop your participation in the Visual Studio Customer Experience Program. This program provides the Visual Studio team with valuable information about how you use Visual Studio to develop applications. This information will be used to improve the next version of Visual Studio. You can access this dialog box from the Help menu by choosing Customer Feedback Options.

Read more about the Customer Experience Improvement Program

Displays a Web page,, that provides detailed information about the purpose of Microsoft's Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Yes, I am willing to participate anonymously in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. (Recommended)

Specifies that Microsoft can track information about how you use Visual Studio, including your software and hardware configurations. All information collected is anonymous and you can end your participation at any time.

No, I would not like to participate.

Specifies that you decline to participate in the Customer Experience Program. If you previously chose to participate, selecting this option ends your participation.

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