This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data Access

This section covers the technologies you can use for database programming in Visual C++.

In This Section

Data Access Programming
Describes data access programming with Visual C++, where the preferred way is to use one of the class libraries such as the Active Template Class Library (ATL) or Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library, which simplify working with the database APIs.
OLE DB Programming
Provides links to conceptual topics discussing the OLE DB database technology and the OLE DB Template Library.
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
Provides links to conceptual topics discussing targeting ODBC with MFC.
Data-Bound Controls (ADO and RDO)
Discusses a reusable databinding mechanism through ActiveX controls in MFC projects that lets you rapidly develop database applications.
Data Access Objects (DAO)
Provides links to conceptual topics discussing targeting DAO with MFC. Note that in Visual Studio .NET, the Visual C++ .NET environment and wizards no longer support DAO (although the DAO classes are included and you can still use them). Microsoft recommends that you use OLE DB Templates or ODBC for new projects. You should only use DAO in maintaining existing applications.

Related Sections

Adding Functionality
Provides links to topics describing conceptual information about the Visual C++ libraries and topics discussing various coding technologies and techniques.
OLE DB Templates
Provides reference material for the OLE DB consumer and provider templates, a set of template classes that implement many commonly used OLE DB interfaces.
MFC Reference
Provides reference material for the MFC Library, a set of classes that constitute an application framework, which is the framework of an application written for the Windows API.