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Compares two strings using the generic-text function _tcscoll.

int Collate(
   PCXSTR psz
) const throw();


The other string used for comparison.

Zero if the strings are identical, < 0 if this CStringT object is less than psz, or > 0 if this CStringT object is greater than psz.

The generic-text function _tcscoll, which is defined in TCHAR.H, maps to either strcoll, wcscoll, or _mbscoll, depending on the character set that is defined at compile time. Each function performs a case-sensitive comparison of the strings according to the code page currently in use. For more information, see strcoll, wcscoll, _mbscoll, _strcoll_l, _wcscoll_l, _mbscoll_l.


Header: cstringt.h