DataView.ToTable Method ()

Note: This method is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

Creates and returns a new DataTable based on rows in an existing DataView.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in

DataTable^ ToTable ()
public DataTable ToTable ()
public function ToTable () : DataTable

Return Value

A new DataTable instance that contains the requested rows and columns.

Because this method does not let you specify the name for the output DataTable, its name is the same as the name of the source DataTable. Because this method does not let you specify a subset of available columns, the output table contains the same columns as the input table.

The following console application example creates a DataTable, fills the DataTable with data, creates a filtered view based on the original data, and finally, creates a DataTable that contains the filtered rows.

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The example displays the following text in the console window:

Original table name: NewTable
Current Values in Table
1, Fruit, Apple, 14
2, Fruit, Orange, 27
3, Bread, Muffin, 23
4, Fish, Salmon, 12

Current Values in View
2, Fruit, Orange, 27
3, Bread, Muffin, 23

Table created from filtered DataView
2, Fruit, Orange, 27
3, Bread, Muffin, 23

New table name: NewTable

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