This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

<type1>'<typename>' must implement '<membername>' for interface '<interfacename>' 

Error Message

'<typename>' must implement '<membername>' for interface '<interfacename>'. Implementing property must have matching 'ReadOnly'/'WriteOnly' specifiers.

A class or structure claims to implement an interface but does not implement a procedure, property, or event defined by the interface. Every member of the interface must be implemented.

Error ID: BC30154

To correct this error

  1. Declare a member with the same name and signature as defined in the interface. Be sure to include at least the End Function, End Sub, or End Property statement.

  2. Add an Implements clause to the end of the Function, Sub, Property, or Event statement. For example:

    Public Event ItHappened() Implements IBaseInterface.ItHappened
  3. When implementing a property, make sure that ReadOnly or WriteOnly is used in the same way as in the interface definition.

  4. When implementing a property, declare Get and Set procedures, as appropriate.

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