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logic_error Class

The class serves as the base class for all exceptions thrown to report errors presumably detectable before the program executes, such as violations of logical preconditions.

class logic_error : public exception {
    explicit logic_error(const string& message);
    explicit logic_error(const char *message);

The value returned by exception Class is a copy of message.data.

// logic_error.cpp
// compile with: /EHsc /GR
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main( )
      throw logic_error( "logic error" );
   catch ( exception &e ) 
      cerr << "Caught: " << e.what( ) << endl;
      cerr << "Type: " << typeid( e ).name( ) << endl;


Caught: logic error
Type: class std::logic_error

Header: <stdexcept>

Namespace: std

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