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Returns the CRuntimeClass structure corresponding to this object's class.

virtual CRuntimeClass* GetRuntimeClass( ) const;

A pointer to the CRuntimeClass structure corresponding to this object's class; never NULL.

There is one CRuntimeClass structure for each CObject-derived class. The structure members are as follows:

  • LPCSTR m_lpszClassName   A null-terminated string containing the ASCII class name.

  • int m_nObjectSize   The size of the object, in bytes. If the object has data members that point to allocated memory, the size of that memory is not included.

  • UINT m_wSchema   The schema number ( – 1 for nonserializable classes). See the IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro for a description of schema number.

  • CObject* ( PASCAL* m_pfnCreateObject )( )   A function pointer to the default constructor that creates an object of your class (valid only if the class supports dynamic creation; otherwise, returns NULL).

  • CRuntimeClass* ( PASCAL* m_pfn_GetBaseClass )( )   If your application is dynamically linked to the AFXDLL version of MFC, a pointer to a function that returns the CRuntimeClass structure of the base class.

  • CRuntimeClass* m_pBaseClass   If your application is statically linked to MFC, a pointer to the CRuntimeClass structure of the base class.

This function requires use of the IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC, IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE, or IMPLEMENT_SERIAL macro in the class implementation. You will get incorrect results otherwise.


See CObList::CObList for a listing of the CAge class used in all CObject examples.

CAge a(21);
CRuntimeClass* prt = a.GetRuntimeClass();
ASSERT(strcmp(prt->m_lpszClassName, "CAge")  == 0);   


Header: afx.h