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Important This document may not represent best practices for current development, links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. Current recommended version can be found here.

Getting Started with Visual C#

The following topics help you start developing applications by using Visual C# 2008. These topics will also introduce you to the many new features in Visual Studio 2008 as well as version 3.0 of the C# language.

What's New in Visual C#

What's new in Visual C# 2008.

Visual C# 2008 Breaking Changes

Lists all breaking changes in the C# compiler since Visual Studio 2005 RTM.

Visual C# Documentation Roadmap

Provides a high-level orientation of the contents of the Visual C# documentation.

Introduction to the C# Language and the .NET Framework

Provides an overview of the C# language and the .NET platform.

Creating Your First C# Application

Explains how to write, compile and run a simple C# application.

Additional Help Resources (Visual C#)

Provides links to other help resources.

How Do I in C#

Includes links to topics that show how to perform a wide variety of specific tasks.

Visual C# Guided Tour

Includes a high-level review of the C# language and introduction to the C# IDE and compiler.

Using the Visual C# IDE

Provides a guide to using the Visual C# integrated development environment.

Migrating to Visual C#

Explains how to convert Java and Visual J++ applications to Visual C#.

Writing Applications with Visual C#

Provides brief overviews that demonstrate the breadth of domains in which you can use C#.

C# Programming Guide

Provides information about C# programming concepts, and describes how to perform various tasks in C#.

C# Reference

Provides detailed reference information about C# keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, compiler switches, and compiler errors and warnings.

Visual C# Samples

Includes sample source code demonstrating how to program by using Visual C#.

C# Terminology

Provides a glossary of C# terms.

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