This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Getting Started with Visual C#

The following topics help you start developing applications by using Visual C# 2010. These topics will also introduce you to the many new features in Visual Studio 2010 as well as version 4.0 of the C# language.

What's New in Visual C# 2010

Describes new features in Visual C# 2010.

Visual C# 2010 Breaking Changes

Lists breaking changes in the C# compiler since Visual Studio 2008.

Introduction to the C# Language and the .NET Framework

Provides an overview of the C# language and the .NET platform.

Additional Resources for Visual C# Programmers

Provides links to Web sites and newsgroups that can help you find answers to common problems.

Using the Visual C# Development Environment

Provides a guide to using the Visual C# integrated development environment.

C# Programming Guide

Provides information about C# programming concepts, and describes how to perform various tasks in C#.

C# Reference

Provides detailed reference information about C# keywords, operators, preprocessor directives, compiler options, and compiler errors and warnings.

Visual C# Samples and Walkthroughs

Includes sample source code demonstrating how to program by using Visual C#.