This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Go To Dialog Box (Explorer)

Visual Studio 2005

Moves the cursor to a specified location in a file.

Dialog Box Access

To display the Go To dialog box, press ALT+G in:

  • Differences window (any type)

  • Report window

  • SourceSafe editor


Specifies the locations to which you can go in the file.

Go To

Goes to the specified location.

Go to what

Specifies the type of item to go to. Possible options are:

Option Description


Moves the cursor to the next bookmark.


Moves the cursor to the next conflict, if one exists.


Moves the cursor to the next difference, if one exists.


Moves the cursor to the specified line number.


Specifies the number of bytes from the beginning of the file. You might want to use this option if you are receiving an error during loading after a certain byte, or if you have a file with a fixed byte length and need to find a specific byte in the file.


Goes to the previous item of the type specified in the Go to what field.

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