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setUTCMilliseconds Method

Sets the milliseconds value in the Date object using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

function setUTCMilliseconds(numMilli : Number)


Required. A numeric value equal to the millisecond value.


To set the milliseconds using local time, use the setMilliseconds method.

If the value of numMilli is greater than 999, or is a negative number, the stored number of seconds (and minutes, hours, and so forth, if necessary) is incremented an appropriate amount.


The following example illustrates the use of the setUTCMilliseconds method.

function SetUTCMSecDemo(nmsec){   
   var d, s;                           //Declare variables.
   var sep = ":";                      //Initialize separator.
   d = new Date();                     //Create Date object.
   d.setUTCMilliseconds(nmsec);        //Set UTC milliseconds.
   s = "Current setting is ";
   s += d.toUTCString() + sep + d.getUTCMilliseconds();
   return(s);                          //Return new setting.


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Applies To: Date Object