The NL_GENERIC_RPC_DATA structure SHOULD<56> define a format for marshaling arrays of unsigned long values and Unicode strings, by value, over RPC. The NL_GENERIC_RPC_DATA structure can be used to transmit generic data over RPC from the server to a client.

 typedef struct _NL_GENERIC_RPC_DATA {
   ULONG UlongEntryCount;
   [size_is(UlongEntryCount)] ULONG * UlongData;
   ULONG UnicodeStringEntryCount;
     PRPC_UNICODE_STRING UnicodeStringData;

UlongEntryCount: The number of entries in UlongData.

UlongData: A pointer to an array of unsigned 32-bit integer values.

UnicodeStringEntryCount: The number of entries in UnicodeStringData.

UnicodeStringData: A pointer to an array of Unicode string structures.