Draws one or more Bzier splines.

      BOOL PolyBezierTo(
   const POINT* lpPoints,
   int nCount 


Points to an array of POINT data structures that contains the endpoints and control points.


Specifies the number of points in the lpPoints array. This value must be three times the number of splines to be drawn, because each Bzier spline requires two control points and an end point.

Nonzero if the function is successful; otherwise 0.

This function draws cubic Bzier splines by using the control points specified by the lpPoints parameter. The first spline is drawn from the current position to the third point by using the first two points as control points. For each subsequent spline, the function needs exactly three more points, and uses the end point of the previous spline as the starting point for the next. PolyBezierTo moves the current position to the end point of the last Bzier spline. The figure is not filled. This function draws lines by using the current pen.


See the example for CDC::BeginPath.


Header: afxwin.h