This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the application's current message filter.

COleMessageFilter* AFXAPI AfxOleGetMessageFilter( );

A pointer to the current message filter.

Call this function to access the current COleMessageFilter-derived object, just as you would call AfxGetApp to access the current application object.

// example of AfxOleGetMessageFilter
COleMessageFilter* pFilter = AfxOleGetMessageFilter();
// do things requiring a busy state

// another example
//CWinApp-derived class
BOOL CSAProjApp::InitInstance()
   // Initialize OLE libraries and registers default message filter.
   if (!AfxOleInit())
      AfxMessageBox("Ole initialization failed\n");
      return FALSE;

   CWinThread* pThread = AfxGetThread();
   if (pThread != NULL)
      // Destroy message filter, thereby unregistering it.
      delete pThread->m_pMessageFilter;
      pThread->m_pMessageFilter = NULL;

      // Create the new message filter object.
      //CMyMessageFilter is derived from COleMessageFilter
      pThread->m_pMessageFilter = new CMyMessageFilter;
      ASSERT(AfxOleGetMessageFilter() != NULL);

      // Register the new message filter object.

Header: <afxwin.h>