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Main() and Command Line Arguments (C# Programming Guide)

The Main method is the entry point of your program, where you create objects and invoke other methods. There can only be one entry point in a C# program.

class TestClass
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // Display the number of command line arguments:

  • The Main method is the entry point of your program, where the program control starts and ends.

  • It is declared inside a class or struct. It must be static and it should not be public. (In the example above it receives the default access of private.)

  • It can either have a void or int return type.

  • The Main method can be declared with or without parameters.

  • Parameters can be read as zero-indexed command line arguments.

  • Unlike C and C++, the name of the program is not treated as the first command line argument.

For more information, see the following sections in the C# Language Specification:

  • 1.1 Hello World

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