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UserTrackingRecord Properties

UserTrackingRecord Properties

The UserTrackingRecord type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ActivityType Gets or sets the common language runtime (CLR) type of the activity that emitted the user data for which this UserTrackingRecord was created.
Public property Annotations Gets the collection of annotations associated with the user event. (Overrides TrackingRecord.Annotations.)
Public property Body Gets a list containing any additional data extracted from the workflow for the UserTrackPoint that was matched.
Public property ContextGuid Context of the activity.
Public property EventArgs Always a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for a UserTrackingRecord. (Overrides TrackingRecord.EventArgs.)
Public property EventDateTime Gets or sets the date and time that the user event occurred. (Overrides TrackingRecord.EventDateTime.)
Public property EventOrder Gets or sets a value that indicates the order of the user event that matched the UserTrackPoint in the workflow instance. (Overrides TrackingRecord.EventOrder.)
Public property ParentContextGuid Context of the parent activity.
Public property QualifiedName Gets or sets the qualified name of the activity associated with this UserTrackingRecord.
Public property UserData Gets and sets the user data for this user event.
Public property UserDataKey Gets or sets a key associated with the user data for this UserTrackingRecord.
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