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System.Windows.Xps.Packaging Namespace

Provides types that allow applications to read and write the components of an XPS document.

In addition to the interfaces and the types that represent the major parts of an XML Paper Specification (XPS) document, the System.Windows.Xps.Packaging namespace provides control over the packaging process, including digital signatures and Digital Rights Management (DRM) of XPS documents.

For more information, see the XML Paper Specification (XPS) available for download at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=65761.

  Class Description
Public class PackagingProgressEventArgs Provides data for the PackagingProgressEvent event.
Public class SpotLocation Represents the location to display a digital signature on an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsColorContext Represents the color context for a bitmap image.
Public class XpsDigitalSignature Represents a digital signature for an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsDocument Provides a Package that holds the content of an XPS document.
Public class XpsFont Represents a font in an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsImage Represents an image in an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsPartBase Defines the abstract class that is the parent for all part classes that can be contained in an XPS package.
Public class XpsResource Defines the base class for resources that can be added to an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsResourceDictionary Represents a dictionary of XpsResource elements that are usable across pages of the XpsDocument.
Public class XpsSignatureDefinition Represents an XpsDocument digital signature.
Public class XpsStructure Represents the System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures or StoryFragments element of an XpsDocument.
Public class XpsThumbnail Represents a thumbnail image of a document sequence, single document, or single page.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDocumentStructureProvider Defines a method for adding the DocumentStructure part of XML Paper Specification (XPS) to an XPS package.
Public interface IStoryFragmentProvider Defines a method for adding the StoryFragments part of the markup to an XPS package.
Public interface IXpsFixedDocumentReader Defines methods for reading the parts of a FixedDocument and also for limited types of writing to the document.
Public interface IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceReader Defines methods for reading the parts of a FixedDocumentSequence.
Public interface IXpsFixedDocumentSequenceWriter Defines methods and properties for writing a FixedDocumentSequence.
Public interface IXpsFixedDocumentWriter Defines methods and properties for writing a FixedDocument.
Public interface IXpsFixedPageReader Defines methods for reading the parts of a FixedPage.
Public interface IXpsFixedPageWriter Defines methods for writing FixedPage parts to an XPS document.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate PackagingProgressEventHandler Represents the method that handles the PackagingProgressEvent.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PackageInterleavingOrder Provides values that specify the order in which the major parts of a package are streamed.
Public enumeration PackagingAction Identifies the types of events that occur during the serialization of a package.
Public enumeration XpsDigSigPartAlteringRestrictions Specifies the parts of the XPS Package that are excluded from the range of a digital signature.
Public enumeration XpsImageType Specifies graphical formats for images that can be included in an XpsDocument.
Public enumeration XpsResourceSharing Specifies whether resources can be shared between pages and documents in an XpsDocument.
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