This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Media.Media3D Namespace

Contains types that support 3-D presentation in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

Public classAffineTransform3D Base class from which all concrete affine 3-D transforms—translations, rotations, and scale transformations—derive.
Public classAmbientLight Light object that applies light to objects uniformly, regardless of their shape.
Public classAxisAngleRotation3DRepresents a 3-D rotation of a specified angle about a specified axis.
Public classCameraSpecifies what portion of the 3D scene is rendered by the Viewport3DVisual or Viewport3D element.
Public classContainerUIElement3DRepresents a container for Visual3D objects.
Public classDiffuseMaterial Allows the application of a 2-D brush, like a SolidColorBrush or TileBrush, to a diffusely-lit 3-D model.
Public classDirectionalLightLight object that projects its effect along a direction specified by a Vector3D.
Public classEmissiveMaterialApplies a Brush to a 3-D model so that it participates in lighting calculations as if the Material were emitting light equal to the color of the Brush.
Public classGeneralTransform2DTo3DProvides 2-D to 3-D transformation support.
Public classGeneralTransform3DProvides generalized transformation support for 3-D objects.
Public classGeneralTransform3DCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of GeneralTransform3D objects.
Public classGeneralTransform3DGroupRepresents a GeneralTransform3D that is a composite of the transforms in its GeneralTransform3DCollection.
Public classGeneralTransform3DTo2DProvides 3-D to 2-D transformation support.
Public classGeometry3DClasses that derive from this abstract base class define 3D geometric shapes. The Geometry3D class of objects can be used for hit-testing and rendering 3D graphic data.
Public classGeometryModel3DRenders a Geometry3D with the specified Material.
Public classHitTestParameters3DAbstract class that represents the parameters of a 3D hit test.
Public classLightModel3D object that represents lighting applied to a 3-D scene.
Public classMaterialAbstract base class for materials.
Public classMaterialCollectionCollection of Material objects.
Public classMaterialGroupRepresents a Material that is a composite of the Materials in its collection.
Public classMatrix3DConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Matrix3D.
Public classMatrixCameraCamera which specifies the view and projection transforms as Matrix3D objects
Public classMatrixTransform3DCreates a transformation specified by a Matrix3D, used to manipulate objects or coordinate systems in 3-D world space.
Public classMeshGeometry3DTriangle primitive for building a 3-D shape.
Public classModel3DProvides functionality for 3-D models. 
Public classModel3DCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of Model3D objects.
Public classModel3DGroupEnables using a number of 3-D models as a unit. 
Public classModelUIElement3DRenders a 3-D model that supports input, focus, and events.
Public classModelVisual3DProvides a Visual3D that renders Model3D objects.
Public classOrthographicCamera Represents an orthographic projection camera.
Public classPerspectiveCamera Represents a perspective projection camera.
Public classPoint3DCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of Point3D objects.
Public classPoint3DCollectionConverterConverts instances of other types to and from Point3DCollection instances.
Public classPoint3DConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Point3D structure.
Public classPoint4DConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Point4D structure.
Public classPointLightRepresents a light source that has a specified position in space and projects its light in all directions.
Public classPointLightBaseAbstract base class that represents a light object that has a position in space and projects its light in all directions.
Public classProjectionCameraAn abstract base class for perspective and orthographic projection cameras.
Public classQuaternionConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Quaternion.
Public classQuaternionRotation3DRepresents a rotation transformation defined as a quaternion.
Public classRayHitTestParametersSpecifies the parameters of a hit test along a ray.
Public classRayHitTestResultRepresents the result of a hit test along a ray.
Public classRayMeshGeometry3DHitTestResultRepresents an intersection between a ray hit test and a MeshGeometry3D.
Public classRect3DConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Rect3D.
Public classRotateTransform3D Specifies a rotation transformation.
Public classRotation3DSpecifies the 3-D rotation to be used in a transformation.
Public classScaleTransform3DScales an object in the three-dimensional x-y-z plane, starting from a defined center point. Scale factors are defined in x-, y-, and z- directions from this center point.
Public classSize3DConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Size3D structure.
Public classSpecularMaterialAllows a 2-D brush, like a SolidColorBrush or TileBrush, to be applied to a specularly-lit 3-D model.
Public classSpotLightLight object that projects its effect in a cone-shaped area along a specified direction.
Public classTransform3DProvides a parent class for all three-dimensional transformations, including translation, rotation, and scale transformations.
Public classTransform3DCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of Transform3D objects.
Public classTransform3DGroupRepresents a transformation that is a composite of the Transform3D children in its Transform3DCollection.
Public classTranslateTransform3DTranslates an object in the three-dimensional x-y-z plane.
Public classVector3DCollection Collection of Vector3D objects.
Public classVector3DCollectionConverterConverts instances of other types to and from instances of Vector3DCollection.
Public classVector3DConverter Converts instances of other types to and from a Vector3D structure.
Public classViewport2DVisual3DRenders the 2-D children within the specified 3-D viewport bounds.
Public classViewport3DVisualRenders the Visual3D children within the specified 2D viewport bounds.
Public classVisual3DProvides services and properties that are common to visual 3-D objects, including hit-testing, coordinate transformation, and bounding box calculations.
Public classVisual3DCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of Visual3D objects.

Public structureGeneralTransform3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates GeneralTransform3D items in a GeneralTransform3DCollection.
Public structureMaterialCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates Material items in a MaterialCollection.
Public structureMatrix3D Represents a 4 x 4 matrix used for transformations in 3-D space.
Public structureModel3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates items in a collection.
Public structurePoint3DRepresents an x-, y-, and z-coordinate point in 3-D space.
Public structurePoint3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates items in a Point3DCollection.
Public structurePoint4DRepresents an x-, y-, z-, and w-coordinate point in world space used in performing transformations with non-affine 3-D matrices.
Public structureQuaternionStructure that represents a rotation in three dimensions.
Public structureRect3DRepresents a 3-D rectangle: for example, a cube.
Public structureSize3DData structure that describes the size of a three-dimensional object.
Public structureTransform3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates Transform3D items in a Transform3DCollection.
Public structureVector3DRepresents a displacement in 3-D space.
Public structureVector3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates Vector items in a VectorCollection.
Public structureVisual3DCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates Visual3D items in a Visual3DCollection.