This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Markup Namespace

Provides types to support XAML. Some of these types are located in WPF assemblies and are specific to WPF scenarios that involve XAML. Other types in this namespace provide support for .NET Framework XAML Services in general, and do not require referencing WPF assemblies.

Public classAcceptedMarkupExtensionExpressionTypeAttribute Obsolete. Notates types for legacy reporting of XAML markup extension characteristics.
Public classAmbientAttributeSpecifies that a property or type should be treated as ambient. The ambient concept relates to how XAML processors determine type owners of members.
Public classArrayExtensionImplements x:Array support for .NET Framework XAML Services
Public classComponentResourceKeyConverterInfrastructure. Implements a type converter for ComponentResourceKey objects, which deliberately have no type conversion pathways. The type converter enforces and reports that behavior.
Public classConstructorArgumentAttributeSpecifies that an object can be initialized by using a non-default constructor syntax, and that a property of the specified name supplies construction information. This information is primarily for XAML serialization.
Public classContentPropertyAttributeIndicates which property of a type is the XAML content property. A XAML processor uses this information when processing XAML child elements of XAML representations of the attributed type.
Public classContentWrapperAttributeSpecifies one or more types on the associated collection type that will be used to wrap foreign content.
Public classDateTimeValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of DateTime.
Public classDependencyPropertyConverterConverts from a string to a DependencyProperty object.
Public classDependsOnAttributeIndicates that the attributed property is dependent on the value of another property.
Public classDesignerSerializationOptionsAttributeSpecifies the serialization flags for a property.
Public classDictionaryKeyPropertyAttributeSpecifies a property of the associated class that provides the implicit key value. Implicit keys are used for keys rather than explicit x:Key attributes defined in XAML for an item in IDictionary collections.
Public classEventSetterHandlerConverterConverts the string name of an event setter handler to a delegate representation.
Public classInternalTypeHelperAbstract class used internally by the WPF XAML compiler to support the use of internal types.
Public classMarkupExtensionProvides a base class for XAML markup extension implementations that can be supported by .NET Framework XAML Services and its XAML readers and XAML writers.
Public classMarkupExtensionReturnTypeAttributeReports the type that a markup extension can return.
Public classMemberDefinitionProvides the base class that is used for a markup technique of defining members of a class in declarative XAML.
Public classNameReferenceConverterProvides type conversion to convert a string name into an object reference to the object with that name, or to return the name of an object from the object graph.
Public classNameScopePropertyAttributeSpecifies a property of the associated class that provides the XAML namescope value.
Public classNamespaceMapEntryProvides information that the XamlTypeMapper uses for mapping between an XML namespace, a CLR namespace, and the assembly that contains the relevant types for that CLR namespace.
Public classNullExtensionImplements a XAML markup extension in order to return a null object, which you can use to explicitly set values to null in XAML.
Public classParserContextProvides context information required by a XAML parser.
Public classPropertyDefinitionSupports a markup technique of defining properties of a class in declarative XAML.
Public classReferenceImplements the {x:Reference} markup extension.
Public classResourceReferenceExpressionConverterInfrastructure. Converts instances of ResourceReferenceExpression to and from other types.
Public classRootNamespaceAttributeRepresents an assembly level attribute that is used to identify the value of the RootNamespace property in a Visual Studio project file.
Public classRoutedEventConverterConverts a RoutedEvent object from a string.
Public classRuntimeNamePropertyAttributeRepresents a type-level attribute that reports which property of the type maps to the XAML x:Name attribute.
Public classServiceProvidersProvides an implementation for the IServiceProvider interface with methods that enable adding services.
Public classSetterTriggerConditionValueConverterProvides type conversion analogous behavior for Setter, Trigger and Condition types that deal with DependencyProperty values. This converter only supports ConvertFrom.
Public classStaticExtensionImplements a markup extension that returns static field and property references.
Public classTemplateKeyConverterImplements a type converter for TemplateKey objects, which deliberately have no type conversion pathways. The type converter enforces and reports that behavior.
Public classTrimSurroundingWhitespaceAttributeIndicates to XAML processors that the whitespace surrounding elements of the type in markup should be trimmed when serializing.
Public classTypeExtensionImplements a markup extension that returns a Type based on a string input.
Public classUidPropertyAttributeIndicates the CLR property of a class that provides the x:Uid Directive value.
Public classUsableDuringInitializationAttributeIndicates whether this type is built top-down during XAML object graph creation.
Public classValueSerializerAbstract class that defines conversion behavior for serialization from an object representation.
Public classValueSerializerAttributeIdentifies the ValueSerializer class that a type or property should use when it is serialized.
Public classWhitespaceSignificantCollectionAttributeIndicates that a collection type should be processed as being whitespace significant by a XAML processor.
Public classXamlDeferLoadAttributeIndicates that a class or property has a deferred load usage for XAML (such as a template behavior), and reports the class that enables the deferring behavior and its destination/content type.
Public classXamlDesignerSerializationManagerProvides services for XAML serialization by XAML designers or other callers that require advanced serialization.
Public classXamlInstanceCreatorInfrastructure. Abstract class that provides a means to store parser records for later instantiation.
Public classXamlParseExceptionRepresents the exception class for parser-specific exceptions from a WPF XAML parser. This exception is used in XAML API or WPF XAML parser operations from .NET Framework 3.0 and .NET Framework 3.5, or for specific use of the WPF XAML parser by calling System.Windows.Markup.XamlReader API.
Public classXamlReaderReads XAML input and creates an object graph, using the WPF default XAML reader and an associated XAML object writer.
Public classXamlSetMarkupExtensionAttributeIndicates that a class can use a markup extension to provide a value, and references a handler to use for markup extension set operations.
Public classXamlSetMarkupExtensionEventArgsProvides data for callbacks that are invoked when a XAML object writer sets a value using a markup extension.
Public classXamlSetTypeConverterAttributeIndicates that a class can use a type converter to provide a value, and references a handler to use for type converter setting cases.
Public classXamlSetTypeConverterEventArgsProvides data for callbacks that are invoked when a XAML writer sets a value using a type converter call.
Public classXamlSetValueEventArgsProvides data for callbacks that are invoked when a XamlObjectWriter sets certain values.
Public classXamlTypeMapperMaps a XAML element name to the appropriate CLR Type in assemblies.
Public classXamlWriterProvides a single static Save method (multiple overloads) that can be used for limited XAML serialization of provided run-time objects into XAML markup.
Public classXDataRepresents literal data that can appear as the value for a Value node.
Public classXmlAttributePropertiesEncapsulates the XML language-related attributes of a DependencyObject.
Public classXmlLangPropertyAttributeIdentifies the property to associate with the xml:lang attribute.
Public classXmlLanguageRepresents a language tag for use in XAML markup.
Public classXmlLanguageConverterProvides type conversion for the XmlLanguage class.
Public classXmlnsCompatibleWithAttributeSpecifies that a XAML namespace can be subsumed by another XAML namespace. Typically, the subsuming XAML namespace is indicated in a previously defined XmlnsDefinitionAttribute.
Public classXmlnsDefinitionAttributeSpecifies a mapping on a per-assembly basis between a XAML namespace and a CLR namespace, which is then used for type resolution by a XAML object writer or XAML schema context.
Public classXmlnsDictionaryRepresents a dictionary that contains xmlns mappings for XAML namespaces in WPF.
Public classXmlnsPrefixAttributeIdentifies a recommended prefix to associate with a XAML namespace for XAML usage, when writing elements and attributes in a XAML file (serialization) or when interacting with a design environment that has XAML editing features.

Public interfaceIAddChildProvides a means to parse elements that permit mixtures of child elements or text.
Public interfaceIComponentConnectorProvides markup compile and tools support for named XAML elements and for attaching event handlers to them.
Public interfaceINameScopeDefines a contract for how names of elements should be accessed within a particular XAML namescope, and how to enforce uniqueness of names within that XAML namescope.
Public interfaceINameScopeDictionaryUnifies enumerable, collection, and dictionary support that are useful for exposing a dictionary of names in a XAML namescope.
Public interfaceIProvideValueTargetRepresents a service that reports situational object-property relationships for markup extension evaluation.
Public interfaceIQueryAmbientQueries for whether a specified property should be treated as ambient in the current scope.
Public interfaceIReceiveMarkupExtension Obsolete. Provides a mechanism whereby types can declare that they can receive an expression (or another class) from a markup extension, where the output is a different property type than the target property. Do not use for .NET Framework 4 implementations; see Remarks.
Public interfaceIStyleConnectorProvides methods used internally by the WPF XAML parser to attach events and event setters in compiled XAML.
Public interfaceIUriContextRepresents a service that can use application context to resolve a provided relative URI to an absolute URI.
Public interfaceIValueSerializerContextDefines a context that is provided to a ValueSerializer. The context can be used to enable special cases of serialization or different modes of serialization.
Public interfaceIXamlTypeResolverRepresents a service that resolves from named elements in XAML markup to the appropriate CLR type.

Public enumerationDesignerSerializationOptionsSpecifies how a property is to be serialized.
Public enumerationXamlWriterModeSpecifies the XAML writer mode for serializing values that are expressions (such as binding declarations).
Public enumerationXamlWriterStateDescribes possible writing states for a custom XAML writer.