ITableProvider Interface

ITableProvider Interface


Exposes methods and properties to support access to controls that act as containers for a collection of child elements. The children of this element must implement ITableItemProvider and be organized in a two-dimensional logical coordinate system that can be traversed (that is, a can move to adjacent controls) by using the keyboard.GTMTGTMT

Namespace:   System.Windows.Automation.Provider
Assembly:  UIAutomationProvider (in UIAutomationProvider.dll)

public interface ITableProvider : IGridProvider


Gets the total number of columns in a grid.(Inherited from IGridProvider.)


Gets the total number of rows in a grid.(Inherited from IGridProvider.)


Retrieves the primary direction of traversal for the table.


Gets a collection of that represents all the column headers in a table.GTMT

System_CAPS_pubmethodGetItem(Int32, Int32)

Retrieves the for the specified cell.(Inherited from IGridProvider.)GTMT


Retrieves a collection of that represents all row headers in the table.GTMT

This is analogous to IGridProvider with the distinction that any control that implements ITableProvider must also expose a column and/or row header relationship for each child element.GTMT

Controls that implement ITableProvider are also required to implement IGridProvider so as to expose the inherent grid functionality of a table control.

Implemented on a that must support the TablePattern and GridPattern.GTMTGTMT

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
Available since 2.0
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 7.0
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