IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification Interface

IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification Interface


Describes an object that acts as a commit delegate for a non-distributed transaction internal to a resource manager.

Namespace:   System.Transactions
Assembly:  System.Transactions (in System.Transactions.dll)

public interface IPromotableSinglePhaseNotification : ITransactionPromoter


Notifies a transaction participant that enlistment has completed successfully.


Notifies an enlisted object that an escalation of the delegated transaction has been requested.(Inherited from ITransactionPromoter.)


Notifies an enlisted object that the transaction is being rolled back.


Notifies an enlisted object that the transaction is being committed.

Promotable Enlistments (PSPE) allow a resource, such as a database, to take ownership of the transaction if it is the only entity participating in the transaction. Later, if needed, the System.Transactions infrastructure can still escalate the transaction to MSDTC. For more information, see .653d51d1-b4bf-4e34-9a6f-aec073f0f5bb

A resource manager that implements this interface delegates control of the commit of it's internal non-distributed transaction to an enlistment on a System.Transactions transaction through the EnlistPromotableSinglePhase method on the Transaction class.

If the ITransactionPromoter.Promote method is called, your implementation of this interface must produce a distributed transaction in the form of a propagation token, and return it to System.Transactions.

After you enlist an object that implements this interface as a participant of a transaction using the EnlistPromotableSinglePhase method, the transaction manager then notifies the participant when the transaction is promoted, committed, or rolled back by invoking the Promote method, the SinglePhaseCommit method, or the Rollback method of the object.

For more information, see .653d51d1-b4bf-4e34-9a6f-aec073f0f5bb

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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