System.Net.Sockets Namespace

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Provides types for bidirectional, interprocess communication over a network.

  Class Description
Public class NetworkStream Provides the underlying stream of data for network access.
Public class Socket Implements the Berkeley sockets interface.
Public class SocketException The exception that is thrown when a socket error occurs.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AddressFamily Specifies the addressing scheme that an instance of the Socket class can use.
Public enumeration ProtocolFamily Specifies the type of protocol that an instance of the Socket class can use.
Public enumeration ProtocolType Specifies the protocols that the Socket class supports.
Public enumeration SelectMode Defines the polling modes for the Socket..::..Poll method.
Public enumeration SocketError Defines error codes for the Socket class.
Public enumeration SocketFlags Specifies socket send and receive behaviors.
Public enumeration SocketOptionLevel Defines socket option levels for the Socket..::..SetSocketOption and Socket..::..GetSocketOption methods.
Public enumeration SocketOptionName Defines configuration option names.
Public enumeration SocketType Specifies the type of socket that an instance of the Socket class represents.