System.Collections.Generic Namespace

The System.Collections.Generic namespace contains interfaces and classes that define generic collections, which allow users to create strongly typed collections that provide better type safety and performance than non-generic strongly typed collections.

Public classComparerProvides a base class for implementations of the IComparer generic interface.
Public classDictionaryRepresents a collection of keys and values.
Public classDictionary.KeyCollectionRepresents the collection of keys in a Dictionary. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDictionary.ValueCollectionRepresents the collection of values in a Dictionary. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classEqualityComparerProvides a base class for implementations of the IEqualityComparer generic interface.
Public classKeyedByTypeCollectionProvides a collection whose items are types that serve as keys.
Public classKeyNotFoundExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the key specified for accessing an element in a collection does not match any key in the collection.
Public classLinkedListRepresents a doubly linked list.
Public classLinkedListNodeRepresents a node in a LinkedList. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classListRepresents a strongly typed list of objects that can be accessed by index. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists.
Public classQueueRepresents a first-in, first-out collection of objects.
Public classSortedDictionaryRepresents a collection of key/value pairs that are sorted on the key.
Public classSortedDictionary.KeyCollectionRepresents the collection of keys in a SortedDictionary. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSortedDictionary.ValueCollectionRepresents the collection of values in a SortedDictionary. This class cannot be inherited
Public classSortedListRepresents a collection of key/value pairs that are sorted by key based on the associated IComparer implementation.
Public classStackRepresents a variable size last-in-first-out (LIFO) collection of instances of the same arbitrary type.
Public classSynchronizedCollectionProvides a thread-safe collection that contains objects of a type specified by the generic parameter as elements.
Public classSynchronizedKeyedCollection 
Public classSynchronizedReadOnlyCollection 

Public interfaceICollectionDefines methods to manipulate generic collections.
Public interfaceIComparerDefines a method that a type implements to compare two objects.
Public interfaceIDictionaryRepresents a generic collection of key/value pairs.
Public interfaceIEnumerableExposes the enumerator, which supports a simple iteration over a collection of a specified type.
Public interfaceIEnumeratorSupports a simple iteration over a generic collection.
Public interfaceIEqualityComparerDefines methods to support the comparison of objects for equality.
Public interfaceIListRepresents a collection of objects that can be individually accessed by index.

Public structureDictionary.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a Dictionary.
Public structureDictionary.KeyCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a Dictionary.KeyCollection.
Public structureDictionary.ValueCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a Dictionary.ValueCollection.
Public structureKeyValuePairDefines a key/value pair that can be set or retrieved.
Public structureLinkedList.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a LinkedList.
Public structureList.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a List.
Public structureQueue.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a Queue.
Public structureSortedDictionary.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a SortedDictionary.
Public structureSortedDictionary.KeyCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a SortedDictionary.KeyCollection.
Public structureSortedDictionary.ValueCollection.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a SortedDictionary.ValueCollection.
Public structureStack.EnumeratorEnumerates the elements of a Stack.

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