GraphicsDevice Properties

The GraphicsDevice type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Adapter Gets the graphics adapter.
Public property BlendFactor Gets or sets the color used for a constant-blend factor during alpha blending. The default value is White.
Public property BlendState Gets or sets a system-defined instance of a blend state object initialized for alpha blending. The default value is Opaque.
Public property DepthStencilState Gets or sets a system-defined instance of a depth-stencil state object. The default value is Default.
Public property Indices Gets or sets index data. The default value is null.
Public property MultiSampleMask Gets or sets a bitmask controlling modification of the samples in a multisample render target. The default value is -1 (0xffffffff).
Public property PresentationParameters Gets the presentation parameters associated with this graphics device.
Public property RasterizerState Gets or sets rasterizer state. The default value is CullCounterClockwise.
Public property ReferenceStencil Gets or sets a reference value for stencil testing. The default value is zero.
Public property SamplerStates Gets a collection of SamplerState objects for the current GraphicsDevice.
Public property ScissorRectangle Gets or sets the rectangle used for scissor testing. By default, the size matches the render target size.
Public property Textures Gets the collection of textures that have been assigned to the texture stages of the device.
Public property Viewport Gets or sets a viewport identifying the portion of the render target to receive draw calls.

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