Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Extensions Namespace

IIS 7.0

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Extensions namespace provides classes to extend features in IIS Manager. 

Public classAuthenticationFeatureProvides the base class for creating authentication modules.
Public classHomepageExtensionImplements the IHomepageTaskListProvider interface and provides a way for IIS Manager to notify the extension to refresh the extension's data.
Public classProtocolProviderEnables new protocol bindings to be added to a site.
Public classProviderFeatureProvides the base class for module providers.
Public classSiteUpdatedEventArgsProvides data for events that are handled by the ProtocolProvider..::..SiteUpdatedEventHandler delegate.

Public interfaceIHomepageTaskListProviderEnables an object to add task items to the Connection tasks list that is displayed on the Start page in IIS Manager.

Public delegateAuthenticationFeature..::..AuthenticationSettingsSavedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle events that are raised when authentication settings are saved.
Public delegateProtocolProvider..::..SiteUpdatedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle events that are raised when the site is updated.

Public enumerationAuthenticationTypeDenotes the type of client authentication.
Public enumerationSiteActionSpecifies whether the site is currently being created or edited.

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