This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls Namespace

Contains ASP.NET server controls that are used on site and list pages in a SharePoint site.

The major class, SPControl, provides methods for getting or setting the context of requests and serves as the base class from which other controls in this namespace derive.

All classes in this namespace require that a page directive like the following be included in the ASPX page containing the control:

<%@ Register Tagprefix="SharePoint" Namespace="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls" 
   Assembly="Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, 
   PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" %>

You can obtain the PublicKeyToken value for the current Windows SharePoint Services deployment from the default.aspx file in the Local_Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\STS folder, or from information provided for the Microsoft.SharePoint assembly at Local_Drive:\%WINDOWS%\assembly in Windows Explorer.

Public classActionsMenuRepresents an Actions menu button on a toolbar.
Public classAddGroupEventArgs
Public classAddLinkEventArgsEvent argument to allow consumers of FeatureLinkSections and FeatureLinks to listen as links are added and make any desired modifications.
Public classAddMenuItemEventArgs
Public classAdministrationDataSourceView
Public classAggregateDataSource
Public classAggregateDataSourceView
Public classAlertMeButtonRepresents the AlertMe button.
Public classAllContentsViewSelectorMenuRepresents the all site content view selector menu control.
Public classAllDayEventFieldRenders the All Day Event field on various forms.
Public classAlphaImage
Public classAppendOnlyHistoryRepresents the version history of a list item.
Public classApplicationPageLinkRenders the URL to application pages, such as weUrl/_layouts/settings.aspx.
Public classApprovalButtonRepresents the Approval button.
Public classApprovalMessageConditionally renders a message that indicates that the list's content-approval property has been set to true.
Public classApprovalStatusRenders information whether or not the list item has been approved.
Public classAspMenuRepresents an AspMenu control.
Public classAspMenuDesignerProvides design-time support in a visual designer for the AspMenu control.
Public classAssignToEmailMessage
Public classAttachmentButtonRepresents the Attachment button.
Public classAttachmentsFieldRenders a field to which a file is attached on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classAttachmentUpload
Public classAttendeeEmailResponse
Public classAttendeeField
Public classBackLinksIterator
Public classBaseChoiceFieldProvides core functionality for controls that render fields (on form pages, but not on list view pages) whose value is usually selected by users from a set of options, such as a drop-down list, a set of option buttons, or a set of check boxes.
Public classBaseFieldControlRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) by using one or more child controls such as a label, link, or text box control.
Public classBaseNumberFieldProvides core functionality for classes that render a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a number.
Public classBaseTextFieldProvides core functionality for controls that render a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a text box, including controls whose text value is a numeral with no letters.
Public classBaseXmlDataSource
Public classBooleanFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a single check box.
Public classBpScriptInserts the server control that is used to open the Rich Text Editor in a Basic Page.
Public classButtonSectionRepresents the ButtonSection control.
Public classCalculatedFieldRenders a calculated field on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classCallbackMenuGenerationEventArgs
Public classChangeContentType
Public classChangePasswordButtonRepresents the Change Password button.
Public classCheckBoxChoiceFieldRepresents the field control for the Checkbox (multi-choice) field.
Public classCheckInCheckOutButtonRepresents the Check In/Check Out button.
Public classClaimReleaseTaskButtonRepresents the Claim Release Task button.
Public classCompositeField
Public classComputedFieldDisplays form behavior that is inherited from BaseFieldControl.
Public classConditionalEnable
Public classContentDatabaseSection
Public classContextSelector<T>
Public classCopySourceInfo
Public classCopySourceUrlInfo
Public classCreatedModifiedInfo
Public classCreationTypeRenders a link to an e-mail information page for a list item that is created by e-mail.
Public classCrossProjectLinkField
Public classCssLinkInserts a LINK element into the resulting HTML page and applies an external style sheet(s) defined by CssRegistration.
Public classCssRegistrationCssRegistration registers a cascading style sheet (CSS) file. CssLink reads this registration to insert a LINK element into the resulting HTML page and apply the external style sheet(s) defined by [T:Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.CssRegistration.]
Public classCurrencyFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a currency value.
Public classCustomJSUrlEstablishes a reference to a custom JavaScript file containing script to run on the page.
Public classDailyCalendarView
Public classDailyTimeSlotRow
Public classDataSourceCollection
Public classDataTableDataSourceView
Public classDateTimeControlRepresents a DateTime control.
Public classDateTimeFieldRepresents a field control that contains date and time values.
Public classDelegateControlA generic control that is able to render an ASP.NET control. Delegate controls make their child candidate controls pluggable and replaceable.
Public classDeleteItemButtonRepresents the Delete Item button.
Public classDeleteItemVersionButtonRepresents the Delete Item Version button.
Public classDesignModeConsoleContainer
Public classDialogMaster
Public classDiffSelectorIterator
Public classDistributionListsApprovalButtonRepresents the Distribution Lists Approval button.
Public classDocumentConversionsLoadBalancerPicker
Public classDocumentLibraryFields
Public classDocumentTransformersInfo
Public classDropDownChoiceField
Public classDVCheckBoxList
Public classDVDropDownList
Public classDVListBox
Public classDVRadioButtonList
Public classEditDocumentLink
Public classEditItemButtonRepresents the Edit Item button.
Public classEditSeriesButtonRepresents the EditSeries button.
Public classEmailCalendarMessage
Public classEncodedLiteral
Public classEnterFolderButtonRepresents the EnterFolder button.
Public classEntityEditor
Public classEntityEditorWithPicker
Public classExitDesignModeControl
Public classExpandableDropDownListRepresents the ExpandableDropDownList.
Public classExportWebPartButtonRepresents the ExportWebPart button.
Public classFeatureLinks
Public classFeatureLinkSections
Public classFeatureMenuTemplate
Public classFieldDescription
Public classFieldLabelConditionally renders the name of a field as a label by using a RenderingTemplate control.
Public classFieldMetadataProvides core rendering metadata applicable to all fields in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.
Public classFieldPropertyRepresents a property of a field; that is, a column, on a list.
Public classFieldValueRepresents a field value. For more information about creating custom field value classes, see Custom Field Value Classes.
Public classFileFieldRenders a field that links to a file on a form page (not a list view page) in a document library.
Public classFileUploadedMessage
Public classFolderFormFields
Public classFormattedStringRenders a string formatted with .Net Composite Formatting.
Public classFormattedStringWithListType
Public classFormButtonRepresents the Form button.
Public classFormComponentFormComponent is a top-level control that supports all basic methods and properties for all form-rendering and field-rendering controls, such as ControlMode, templates, and logic for conditional rendering.
Public classFormDigestInserts a security validation within the form of an .aspx page.
Public classFormFieldA generic field control that instantiates a basic field control that is based on the field type..
Public classFormToolBarRepresents the FormToolBar.
Public classGanttThis class and its members are not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classGenericInformationBarRepresents the GenericInformationBar.
Public classGlobalGalleryActionsMenu
Public classGoBackButtonRepresents the GoBack button.
Public classGoToCopySourceLink
Public classGroupedDropDownList
Public classGroupedItemPicker
Public classGroupPermissions
Public classHierarchicalDesigner
Public classHtcMenuThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuClientFilesThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuItemThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuItemCollectionThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuOptionThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuSeparatorThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcMenuUtilityThis type supports Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classHtcSubMenuThis type or member supports Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classInformationBar
Public classInitContentType
Public classInputFormCheckBox
Public classInputFormCheckBoxListRepresents a InputFormCheckBoxList.
Public classInputFormCheckBoxListValidatorRepresents a InputFormCheckBoxListValidator.
Public classInputFormCompareValidatorRepresents a InputFormCompareValidator.
Public classInputFormControlRepresents an InputForm control.
Public classInputFormCustomValidatorRepresents the InputFormCustomValidator.
Public classInputFormRadioButtonRepresents the InputForm radio button.
Public classInputFormRangeValidatorRepresents the InputFormRangeValidator.
Public classInputFormRegularExpressionValidatorRepresents a InputFormRegularExpressionValidator.
Public classInputFormRequiredFieldValidatorRepresents the InputFormRequiredFieldValidator.
Public classInputFormSectionRepresents the InputFormSection.
Public classInputFormTextBoxRepresents the InputFormTextBox.
Public classItemHiddenVersion
Public classLayoutsPageBaseRepresents an application page (sometimes called a "_layouts" page) to which access can be limited to users that possess certain rights.
Public classLinkSection
Public classLinksTable
Public classListFieldIteratorRenders each field in a list item, with some possible exceptions.
Public classListFormPageTitle
Public classListItemPropertyReturns a property of a list item.
Public classListPropertyReturns a property of a list.
Public classListViewRenders a list by using a specified view.
Public classListViewByQueryRenders a list view within a Web Part or ASPX page according to a specified query.
Public classListViewSelector
Public classLookupFieldRenders a lookup field on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classManageCopiesButtonRepresents the ManageCopies button.
Public classManagePermissionsButtonRepresents the ManagePermissions button.
Public classMenuRepresents a custom menu for the Web Part page.
Public classMenuItemTemplateRepresents a control that creates an item in a drop-down menu.
Public classMenuSeparatorTemplate
Public classMenuTemplateRepresents the MenuTemplate control which holds menu template items.
Public classMergeButtonRepresents the Merge button.
Public classModifySettingsLink
Public classMonthlyCalendarView
Public classMultiPageGoBackButtonRepresents the MultiPageGoBack button.
Public classMultipleLookupField
Public classMWSActionsMenu
Public classMWSListViewSelector
Public classMWSNewMenu
Public classMWSSettingsMenu
Public classMWSViewSelectorMenu
Public classMyAlertsButtonRepresents the MyAlerts button.
Public classMyRegionalSettingsButtonRepresents the My Regional Settings button.
Public classNavigationInserts a navigation bar into a page on a SharePoint site.
Public classNewItemButtonRepresents the NewItem button.
Public classNewMenu
Public classNextPageButtonRepresents the NextPage button.
Public classNoteFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a text box for recording notes with multiple lines.
Public classNumberFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a number.
Public classOWSControl Obsolete. Ensures that all OWSForm server controls are contained within an <OWSForm> tag.
Public classOWSDateField Obsolete. Represents a server control for a field that contains date and time values.
Public classOWSForm Obsolete. Inserts a server control on the .aspx page and renders the JavaScript that is used in the form.
Public classOWSNumberField Obsolete. Represents a server control for a field that contains numbers.
Public classOWSSubmitButton Obsolete. Represents a server control for a submit button.
Public classPageModeIndicator
Public classPagingButtonRepresents the Paging button.
Public classParentInformationField
Public classPasswordTextBox
Public classPasswordTextBoxValidator
Public classPeopleEditorRepresents a PeopleEditor object in a PeoplePicker control.
Public classPeopleEditorEntityDataKeys
Public classPeoplePickerDialogRepresents a PeoplePickerDialog object in a PeoplePicker control.
Public classPeopleQueryControl
Public classPersistedObjectContextSelector<T>
Public classPersonalActions
Public classPickerDialog
Public classPickerEntity
Public classPickerItem
Public classPickerQueryControlBase
Public classPickerResultControlBase
Public classPortalConnectionInserts a connection to a portal site onto the page if a portal site exists.
Public classPostCacheSubstitutionText
Public classPreReleaseFeedback Obsolete.
Public classProjectPropertyReturns a global property of the current Web site.
Public classPublishButtonDisplays a publish button on a form that is used to publish a list item, usually a blog post or comment. When this button is clicked, the draft version of the current list item is approved.
Public classRadioButtonChoiceField
Public classRatingScaleField
Public classRecentChangesIterator
Public classRecentChangesMenu
Public classRecurrenceDataControl
Public classRecurrenceFieldRenders a field that holds recurrence information for a meeting list item on a form page (not a list view page).
Public classRelatedTasksInserts the Actions section of the View bar into the .aspx page.
Public classRelinkButtonRepresents the Relink button.
Public classRenderingTemplateRepresents a hybrid Control-ITemplate object that can serve as a template for classes derived from TemplateBasedControl and can be manipulated, and called from .aspx pages, as any other control.
Public classRenderingTemplateContainer
Public classRepeatedControls
Public classRequiredFieldMessage
Public classRestoreItemVersionButtonDisplays a Restore Item button on a form. The Restore Item button renders on a form as an image button with associated text.
Public classReturnLink
Public classRichTextFieldA field control for the Note field type when the RichText property is set to true.
Public classRobotsMetaTag
Public classRssLink
Public classSaveAsDraftButtonDisplays a Save button on a form to enable a user to save a draft version of a SharePoint list item.
Public classSaveButtonProvides a button, usually on a form toolbar, that is used to save a new or edited list item on the form.
Public classSchedulePicker
Public classScriptLinkRenders a page using resources, for example, script files, that the page references.
Public classSearchArea
Public classServerSelector
Public classSettingsMenu
Public classSimpleQueryControl
Public classSiteActions
Public classSiteAdministrationSelector
Public classSiteLogoImage
Public classSoapDataSource
Public classSoapDiscoveryLink
Public classSPBoundField
Public classSPCalendarBaseRepresents the calendar base class.
Public classSPCalendarContainerRepresents the calendar container.
Public classSPCalendarDataSourceRepresents the calendar data source.
Public classSPCalendarItemRepresents a calendar item.
Public classSPCalendarItemCollectionRepresents a collection of calendar items.
Public classSPCalendarItemContainerRepresents the calendar item container.
Public classSPCalendarNavigatorWraps one or more navigation controls; specifically targets calendar views.
Public classSPCalendarTabContainerRepresents the calendar tab container.
Public classSPCalendarTabsResponsible for rendering tabs that represent choices of different calendar view types.
Public classSPCalendarViewRepresents the CalendarView control hosted inside a ListViewWebPart.
Public classSPCompositeControl
Public classSPControlProvides methods for getting or setting the context of the request and serves as the base server control from which other controls in the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace derive.
Public classSPControlDesigner
Public classSPControlTemplateManager
Public classSPDataSourceRepresents Windows SharePoint Services data to data-bound controls.
Public classSPDataSourceViewSupports the SPDataSource control and provides an interface for data-bound controls to perform operations against Windows SharePoint Services data.
Public classSPDataSourceViewPropertyDescriptorDescribes properties exposed by the SPDataSourceViewResultItem class.
Public classSPDataSourceViewResultItemProvides custom type information for result item objects that are returned by the SPDataSourceView class.
Public classSPDatePickerControl
Public classSPGridViewRepresents a grid view that looks and behaves like a tree view.
Public classSPGridViewPagerRepresents a pager control for use with the SPGridView control.
Public classSPGridViewRowRepresents a control that adds group-by support to a SPGridViewRow.
Public classSPGridViewRowAttributeValue
Public classSPHierarchyDataSourceControlProvides hierarchical views of SharePoint sites, lists, and folders.
Public classSPHtmlSelect
Public classSPLinkButtonRepresents the Link button.
Public classSPMenuFieldProvides a data-bound drop-down menu to be used in place of BoundField, TemplateField, or similar controls.
Public classSPMonthPickerControl
Public classSPNavigationManager
Public classSPRememberScroll
Public classSPSecurityTrimmedControlConditionally renders the contents of the control to the current user only if the current user has permissions defined in the PermissionString.
Public classSPSiteMapDataSourceDesigner
Public classSPSiteMapPathDesigner
Public classSPSqlDataSource
Public classSPToolBarButtonDisplays the ToolBar button.
Public classSPTreeViewDisplays hierarchical data, such as a table of contents, in a tree structure.
Public classSPWorkflowDataSource
Public classSPWorkflowDataSourceView
Public classSPXmlDataSource
Public classSubMenuTemplate
Public classSubmitCommentButtonRepresents the SubmitComment button.
Public classSurveyFieldIterator
Public classTableResultControl
Public classTemplateBasedControlRepresents a control that is defined by a template rather than by the schema of the list.
Public classTemplateContainerInfrastructure.
Public classTemplatePickerThis class is reserved for internal use and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classTextFieldRenders a field on a form page (not a list view page) as a single-line text box.
Public classThemeApplies a theme to an .aspx page.
Public classToolBar
Public classToolBarButtonRepresents the ToolBar button.
Public classToolBarMenuButtonRepresents the ToolBar Menu button.
Public classTopologyView
Public classTopologyViewWebPart
Public classUnlinkCopyButtonRepresents the UnlinkCopy button.
Public classUnsecuredLayoutsPageBaseRepresents an application page, sometimes called a layouts page, that can request certain resources and verify that the client has not been disconnected.
Public classUpdateableHierarchicalView
Public classUploadMenuRepresents the Upload menu.
Public classUrlFieldRenders a field that represents a URL on a form page (not a list view page) by using one or more child controls.
Public classUrlNameValidatorChecks for invalid characters in a site name.
Public classUrlPathValidatorChecks for invalid characters in a URL path.
Public classUrlRedirectorSets the HTTP 301 response code to tell the browser a url has moved.
Public classUrlValidator
Public classUserControlContainerDesigner
Public classUserFieldRenders a field that represents a set of one or more users or groups on a form page (not a list view page) by using a PeopleEditor child control.
Public classUserInfoListDeleteItemButtonRepresents the UserInfoListDeleteItem button.
Public classUserInfoListEditItemButtonRepresents the UserInfoListEditItem button.
Public classUserInfoListFormToolBar
Public classVersionDiff
Public classVersionDiffIterator
Public classVersionHistoryButtonRepresents the VersionHistory button.
Public classViewHeader
Public classViewIcon
Public classViewSearchFormInserts a view search form into the .aspx page.
Public classViewSelectorRepresents a server control that is used to select a view of a list.
Public classViewSelectorMenu
Public classViewToolBar
Public classViewWebPartXmlButtonRepresents the ViewWebPartXml button.
Public classWebApplicationSelector
Public classWebPartGalleryPicker
Public classWebPartPageContentsInserts a list of Web Parts contained within a Web Part Page into a page for managing the Web Parts.
Public classWebPartPageMaintenanceMessage
Public classWeeklyCalendarView
Public classWeeklyDaySlot
Public classWelcome
Public classWikiEditButtonRepresents the WikiEdit button.
Public classWikiEditItemButtonRepresents the WikiEditItem button.
Public classWikiFileFieldContains the file name of a Wiki page in the form for creating or editing Wiki pages.
Public classWikiIncomingLinksButtonRepresents the WikiIncomingLinks button.
Public classWikiPageHistoryButtonRepresents the WikiPageHistory button.
Public classWorkflowForm
Public classWorkflowsButtonRepresents the Workflows button.
Public classXmlUrlDataSource

Public structureTimeSlotItem

Public interfaceIDesignerEventAccessor
Public interfaceIDesignTimeHtmlProvider
Public interfaceIFieldEditorWhen implemented by a class that inherits from the UserControl, class, this class assists in the rendering of a field property editor control on a new column creation page or a column edit page, which in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are the New Site Column, Change Site Column, Create Column, and Change Column pages.
Public interfaceIFormDelegateControlSource
Public interfaceIPreRenderOverride
Public interfaceISPCalendarItem
Public interfaceISPCalendarSettings
Public interfaceIXPathNavigator

Public enumerationContentDatabaseSectionMode
Public enumerationFeatureLinks.Mode
Protected enumerationLayoutsPageBase.RightsCheckModesSpecifies the event or events at which the rights of the user are checked.
Public enumerationMenuAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a Menu control.
Public enumerationMenuFormat
Public enumerationPeopleEditor.AccountType
Public enumerationPostCacheSubstitutionTextType
Protected enumerationSPCalendarBase.ItemTypeSpecifies the type of calendar item.
Protected enumerationSPCalendarBase.SPCellBorder
Public enumerationSPCalendarViewTypeContains the view type of the calendar.
Public enumerationSPControlMode
Public enumerationSPDataSourceModeUsed to specify the type of data that a data-bound Windows SharePoint Services control should query.
Public enumerationSPEncodeMethod
Public enumerationTemplateOverrideSpecifies whether a TemplateBasedControl object should render its Template or AlternateTemplate or whether it should let the logic of its own ControlTemplate determine whether its Template or AlternateTemplate is rendered.