This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings Namespace

Windows SharePoint Services 3

Provides an object model that can be used to customize Meeting Workspace sites.

Public classCustomToolPaneManagerRepresents a custom tool pane manager Web Part. This Web Part enables you to implement tool panes by using the extensible tool pane framework.
Public classMtgUtilityInitialize a new instance of the MtgUtility class.
Public classPageTabsWebPartRepresents the PageTabs Web Part and is responsible for rendering the page tabs on the Meeting Workspace site.
Public classPropertyBagRepresents a property bag and is responsible for rendering the Modify This Workspace link on the Meeting Workspace site. It also returns some global variables that are needed for scripting on the site.
Public classSPMeetingProvides methods and properties that can be used to work with a Meeting Workspace.

Public enumerationMeetingListTemplateTypeDefines the template types for the lists in a Meeting Workspace site.
Public enumerationMtgToolPaneStateIdentifiers for custom toolpanes created for the meeting workspace.
Public enumerationSPMeeting.SpecialInstanceLists the special values for the meeting instance ID that corresponds to a special meeting instance or to multiple meeting instances.