CalendarReader properties

The CalendarReader type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ComplianceMode The ComplianceMode property gets the CalendarComplianceMode that contains values that control whether this CalendarReader object will throw exceptions when it encounters errors in incoming iCalendar data.
Public property ComplianceStatus The ComplianceStatus property gets an enumeration value that either indicates that the incoming iCalendar data is compliant with RFC2445, or indicates the issue that is causing noncompliance.
Public property ComponentId The ComponentId property gets a ComponentId enumeration value that identifies the current component.
Public property ComponentName The ComponentName property gets a string that contains the name of the current component.
Public property Depth The Depth property gets an integer value that indicates how deeply the current component is nested.
Public property PropertyReader The PropertyReader property returns a CalendarPropertyReader structure that can be used to read the current property.