4.4 Template Acquisition Example

Template acquisition is a process by which client machines keep their local copy of templates in sync with the server.

The following section describes a typical scenario where the client synchronizes its local templates with those on the server.

State diagram for client template synchronization

Figure 24: State diagram for client template synchronization

  • AcquireTemplateInformation: The client initially makes an AcquireTemplateInformation request to the server. The server returns information about the available templates in the form of a list of GUIDs and hashes for all the server templates. The client then compares the obtained list against the list of templates from that server in its local store. The client deletes templates that are no longer present on the server.

  • AcquireTemplates: For the templates that are either not present in the local store or that have been updated on the server, the client makes an AcquireTemplates request. This request sends a list of GUIDs to the server indicating the templates that the client is requesting. The server then returns the requested templates to the client. On obtaining these templates, the client puts them in the local store.