IBTBatchCallBack.BatchComplete Method

Notifies the adapter the outcome of the batch of work.

Namespace:  Microsoft.BizTalk.TransportProxy.Interop
Assembly:  Microsoft.BizTalk.Interop.TransportProxy (in Microsoft.BizTalk.Interop.TransportProxy.dll)

void BatchComplete(
	int status,
	short opCount,
	BTBatchOperationStatus[] operationStatus,
	Object callbackCookie


Type: System.Int32
The top level status of the batch. If this parameter is set to S_OK, then there is no need to drill down into the details of the status.If this parameter is set to BTS_S_EPM_MESSAGE_SUSPENDED and the batch contained messages to be submitted, then one or more messages failed in the pipeline and these messages were successfully suspended. If this parameter is set to BTS_S_EPM_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILED and the batch contained messages to be submitted, then one or more messages failed to be authenticated and these messages should not be suspended by the Adapter. 
Type: System.Int16
The number of operations that were processed in this batch.
Type: Microsoft.BizTalk.TransportProxy.Interop.BTBatchOperationStatus[]
An array of type BTBatchOperationStatus, one entry will be present for each type of operation that the batch contained.
Type: System.Object
The cookie that was passed by the adapter when the batch was requested.

This method is called by the BizTalk Server Messaging Engine when it has completed processing a batch of work.

The adapter should release any resources that it was holding during this callback because the batch is atomic. If an error occurred in the batch, none of the work will be complete and the adapter, therefore, needs to handle failures correctly in order to avoid data loss. The nature of how those resources should be released is dependent upon the outcome of the batch.