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Implementing Nonpartitioned, Bidirectional, Transactional Replication

SQL Server 2000

You can develop a transactional, nonpartitioned, bidirectional application using the following replication features:

  • Reciprocal publications

  • Custom stored procedures

  • Cycle detection

The sample application presented in this topic illustrates how these features can be combined programmatically on one Microsoft® SQL Server™ installation using two databases (test1 and test2). The sample is built in six steps.

Step 1: Create the Databases and Enable Replication.

Step 2: Create a Bidirectional Schema.

Step 3: Create Reciprocal Publications.

Step 4: Create Subscriptions with Cycle Detection Enabled.

Step 5: Create Custom Stored Procedures to Apply Changes and Handle Conflicts.

Step 6: Test the Application.

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