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What's New for Developers in Microsoft Project 2002

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Microsoft Corporation

December 2001

Applies to:
   Microsoft Project Standard 2002
   Microsoft Project Professional 2002
   Microsoft Project Web Access 2002
   Microsoft Project Server 2002

Summary: This article describes how Microsoft Project 2002 offers developers greater flexibility in customizing their Microsoft Project-based applications. (2 printed pages)


New Features
Additional Information


Microsoft® Project 2002 helps project and resource managers support enterprisewide initiatives and resources, collaborate on projects, and analyze project information. Working with Microsoft® Project Server, Microsoft Project provides a scalable and customizable solution for your organization with power reporting, scenario analysis, and resource management capabilities.

With the advent of Microsoft Project 2002, many objects, properties, and methods have been improved or replaced. To provide backward compatibility, most of the replaced components have been hidden rather than removed. The old code that uses the hidden components will still work correctly without modification, even though the components won't show up by default in the object browser. You should, however, use the new objects, properties, and methods when you write new code.

New Features

The following list includes some of the most important new features for developers in Microsoft Project 2002:

  • Project Management Platform  Microsoft Project 2002 offers developers greater flexibility to customize Microsoft Project-based applications through support for a new XML-based file format, an extended object model, and COM add-ins.
  • Microsoft Project Server Object Link Provider  The Microsoft Project Server Object Link Provider allows companies to integrate Microsoft Project Server with their own document management or issue tracking solution.
  • Microsoft Project OLE DB  The Microsoft Project 2002 OLE DB provider has been improved to provide support for time-phased data, better support for Office Web components, and improved scalability and reliability.
  • Digital Dashboard  Now users have a group of shortcuts within the Microsoft® Outlook® messaging and collaboration client, giving them easy access to specific Microsoft Project Server information. Microsoft Project Server Web pages have been broken into smaller components to allow for more opportunities for Web Part creation without the need to write ASP pages.
  • XML File Format  The new Microsoft Project 2002 XML-based file format enables interoperability with other XML-enabled applications and facilitates storage and exchange of project-based information.
  • Microsoft Project Data Service  The Microsoft Project Data Service (PDS) acts as the security layer to filter the data based on the individual user. This allows access to Microsoft Project Server 2002 data for customized solutions.
  • Improved ActiveX Controls  The programmable interfaces of the ActiveX® controls have been improved to provide more opportunities to extend and customize Microsoft Project Server 2002.
    Note   These features are only available when Microsoft Project Server 2002 is used in conjunction with Microsoft Project Professional 2002.

Additional Information

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