Resource Compiler Error RW2001


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For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Resource Compiler Error RW2001 on Invalid directive in preprocessed RC file

The RC file contains a #pragma directive.

Use the #ifndef preprocessor directive with the RC_INVOKED constant that the Resource Compiler defines when it processes an include file. Place the #pragma directive inside a block of code that is not processed when the RC_INVOKED constant is defined. Code in the block is processed only by the C/C++ compiler and not by the Resource Compiler. The following sample code demonstrates this technique:

#ifndef RC_INVOKED  
#pragma pack(2)  // C/C++ only, ignored by Resource Compiler  

The #pragma preprocessor directive has no meaning in an .RC file. The #include preprocessor directive is used frequently in an .RC file to include a header file (either a project-based custom header file or a standard header file provided by Microsoft with one of its products). Some of these include files contain the #pragma directive. Because a header file can include one or more other header files, the file that contains the offending #pragma directive may not be immediately obvious.

The #ifndef RC_INVOKED technique can control including header files in project-based header files.