This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Defines an entry in a message map.



[in] The unique identifier for an object's message map.

CHAIN_MSG_MAP_DYNAMIC directs messages, at run time, to the default message map in another object. The object and its message map are associated with dynaChainID, which you define through CDynamicChain::SetChainEntry. You must derive your class from CDynamicChain in order to use CHAIN_MSG_MAP_DYNAMIC. For an example, see the CDynamicChain overview.

Note Note

Always begin a message map with BEGIN_MSG_MAP. You can then declare subsequent alternate message maps with ALT_MSG_MAP. The END_MSG_MAP macro marks the end of the message map. Every message map must have exactly one instance of BEGIN_MSG_MAP and END_MSG_MAP.

For more information about using message maps in ATL, see Message Maps.

Header: atlwin.h