This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Hyperlink Dialog Box 

The Hyperlink dialog box enables you to specify the link type and target location for a hyperlink jump to be encoded around the string or image selected in your document.

To open the Hyperlink dialog box
  1. In Visual Web Developer, open the Web page in Design view, and then select the text or image that you want to change to a link.

  2. On the Format menu, click Convert to Hyperlink.

    The Hyperlink dialog box opens.

Hyperlink Information


Lists the types of hyperlinks you can insert. Select an option to insert the type string into this hyperlink. The default link type is http.

Protocol Type Result


Jump to a file in the local Web directory.


Download a file and open it.


Jump to an FTP server.


Jump to a Gopher server.


Jump to another Web page (default).


Jump to a secure Web page.


Send an e-mail message.


Jump to a news server.


Jump to a telnet (text-based) server.


Jump to a Wide Area Information Server.


Specifies the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for your link.

File Type Form of URL Example

Web pages and other network files

The server path and file name, including file name extension.


Bookmarks on the same page

The pound sign (#) and the bookmark name.


Bookmarks on other pages

The server path and file name, including file name extension, followed by the pound sign (#) and the bookmark name.


E-mail message

The recipient's e-mail address


Opens the Select Project Item Dialog Box, which enables you to navigate to the target page. The appropriate URL is automatically constructed and displayed for editing in the URL field.

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