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The copyprivate clause provides a mechanism to use a private variable to broadcast a value from one member of a team to the other members. It is an alternative to using a shared variable for the value when providing such a shared variable would be difficult (for example, in a recursion requiring a different variable at each level). The copyprivate clause can only appear on the single directive.

The syntax of the copyprivate clause is as follows:


The effect of the copyprivate clause on the variables in its variable-list occurs after the execution of the structured block associated with the single construct, and before any of the threads in the team have left the barrier at the end of the construct. Then, in all other threads in the team, for each variable in the variable-list, that variable becomes defined (as if by assignment) with the value of the corresponding variable in the thread that executed the construct's structured block.

Restrictions to the copyprivate clause are as follows:

  • A variable that is specified in the copyprivate clause must not appear in a private or firstprivate clause for the same single directive.

  • If a single directive with a copyprivate clause is encountered in the dynamic extent of a parallel region, all variables specified in the copyprivate clause must be private in the enclosing context.

  • A variable that is specified in the copyprivate clause must have an accessible unambiguous copy assignment operator.

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