We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Adding an ATL Property Page

To add an Active Template Library (ATL) property page to your project, your project must have been created as an ATL application or as an MFC application that contains ATL support. You can use the ATL Project Wizard to create an ATL application or add an ATL object to your MFC application to implement ATL support for an MFC application.

If you are adding a property page for a control, your control must support the ISpecifyPropertyPagesImpl interface. By default, this interface is in the derivation list of your control class when you create an ATL control using the ATL Control Wizard.


If your control class does not have ISpecifyPropertyPagesImpl in its derivation list, you must add it manually.

To add an ATL property page to your project

  1. In either Solution Explorer or Class View, right-click the name of the project to which you want to add the ATL property page.

  2. From the shortcut menu, click Add and then click Add Class.

  3. In the Add Class dialog box, in the Templates pane, click ATL Property Page and then click Open to display the ATL Property Page Wizard.

Once you create a property page for a control, you must provide the PROP_PAGE entry in the property map for the control.