ManagementClass.GetInstances Method (EnumerationOptions)


Returns the collection of all instances of the class using the specified options.

Namespace:   System.Management
Assembly:  System.Management (in System.Management.dll)

public ManagementObjectCollection GetInstances(
	EnumerationOptions options


Type: System.Management.EnumerationOptions

The additional operation options.

Return Value

Type: System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection

A collection of the ManagementObject objects representing the instances of the class, according to the specified options.

Full trust for the immediate caller. This member cannot be used by partially trusted code. For more information, see Using Libraries from Partially Trusted Code.

The following example shows how to initialize a ManagementClass variable with a ManagementClass constructor and then get all the instances of a WMI class and its subclasses.

using System;
using System.Management;

public class Sample 
    public static void Main() 
        EnumerationOptions opt = new EnumerationOptions();
        // Will enumerate instances of the given class and any subclasses.
        opt.EnumerateDeep = true;
        ManagementClass c = new ManagementClass("CIM_Service");
        foreach (ManagementObject o in c.GetInstances(opt))


.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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