This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual C# Code Editor Features

Visual Studio 2008

Visual C# provides tools that help you edit and navigate through your code.


Lists refactoring operations that help you modify your code without changing the behavior of your application.

Code Snippets (C#)

Provides an overview of using Code Snippets in Visual C# to automatically add common code constructs to your application.

Code Colorization

Describes how the Code Editor colorizes code constructs.

Metadata as Source

Describes how the IDE enables you to view metadata as source code.

Organizing Using Statements

Describes the options in the IDE to organize using statements to compact and organize your code without changing the behavior of your application.

Visual C# IntelliSense

Describes how to use the C# code editor IntelliSense features. For more information, see Using IntelliSense.

Editing Text, Code, and Markup

Describes how to use the Code Editor to write and format code.

Navigating Through Code

Provides links to procedures for using the Find and Replace window, Bookmarks, and the Task List and Error List to locate lines of code.

Visual C# IDE Settings

Provides an overview of Visual Studio Settings for C# developers.

Setting Editor Options

Describes how to customize the appearance and performance of the C# code editor.