Visual FoxPro System Windows

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Visual FoxPro System windows are windows provided by Visual FoxPro as part of the product interface. The following table provides details that enable you to access and control these windows.

Window Code access Default Docking status
Command ACTIVATE WINDOW Command Dockable, undocked
Data Session SET VIEW ON,
Dockable, undocked
Document View ACTIVATE WINDOW Document Dockable, undocked
Properties ACTIVATE WINDOW Properties Dockable, undocked
Debugger DEBUG
   Call Stack (see note) in Debugger, Dockable
   Debug Output (see note) in Debugger, Dockable
   Locals (see note) in Debugger, Dockable
   Trace (see note) in Debugger, Dockable
   Watch (see note) in Debugger, Dockable
Note   Individual Debugger windows are dockable only when the Debugger is enabled in the FoxPro Frame. You cannot open the Debugger sub windows, alone, in code unless you first set the Debugger to use the Visual FoxPro Frame. For example, normally if you use ACTIVATE WINDOW "call stack" the entire Debugger opens with the Call Stack window highlighted. If you first set the Debugger to the Visual FoxPro Frame, ACTIVATE WINDOW "call stack" opens the Call Stack window.

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