Managing Authorization Using Roles

ASP.NET role management helps you to manage authorization, allowing you to specify which resources various users in your application are allowed to access. Role management lets you group users by assigning them to roles.

Understanding Role Management

Describes the role-management feature and how to use it in an application.

Role Management Classes

Describes the classes that comprise the role-management feature.

Role Management Providers

Discusses the providers and data sources available for the role-management feature.

Securing Roles

Discusses security issues to consider when using the role-management feature.

Implementing a Role Provider

Discusses how to create a custom role provider and includes a sample provider implementation.

Using Roles Information with Microsoft Ajax

Shows how to call the ASP.NET application role service from the browser by using JavaScript.


Describes the classes you need for ASP.NET security features.

Managing Users by Using Membership

Describes the membership feature and how to use it in an application.

ASP.NET Security

Describes common types of Web-site security attacks and how to help prevent them.

Security in the .NET Framework

Describes general .NET Framework security concepts, services, and best practices.